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  • Your Home Lighting Options
    Your Home Lighting Options

    One of the most important aspects of home decor is your lighting. Not only can lighting make or break the feel of a room, but the proper lighting can make for a more functional space. In order to ...

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  • What is Vampire Electricity?
    What is Vampire Electricity?

    When you hear the word “vampire,” you probably think of a pale creature with wings and fangs that wants to suck your blood. While it’s definitely a scary image to picture, we think a scarier sight is ...

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  • Landscape Lighting Tips for Summer
    Landscape Lighting Tips for Summer

    Summer is right around the corner, and that means one thing — plenty of summer fun in the yard with your family and friends. But why should the fun have to end once the sun goes down? With the right ...

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  • What You Need to Consider When Buying Light Bulbs
    What You Need to Consider When Buying Light Bulbs

    Lighting can make or break your home’s appearance and feeling. Too bright of lighting can make your home feel like a hospital room, while too dark of lighting can make it feel like a dungeon. And the ...

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  • Why Choose Us
    Why Choose Us

    When you need someone to unclog your drain, repair your furnace, rewire your lighting, or install solar panels on your home, you may be stumped on who to call for help. Thing is, there’s no reason to ...

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  • Holiday Lighting Safety Tips
    Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

    The holidays are right around the corner — some have already started — so to get into a festive mood, it’s about time you broke out the lights and tinsel. But before you pull a “Martha May Whovier,” ...

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