What is Vampire Electricity?

When you hear the word “vampire,” you probably think of a pale creature with wings and fangs that wants to suck your blood. While it’s definitely a scary image to picture, we think a scarier sight is the one of a sky-high electricity bill at the end of the month. Often, that high utility cost can be caused by a different kind of scary monster: an electricity vampire.

What is Vampire Electricity?

Simply put, vampire electricity is electricity that is used when an electronic or appliance is powered off. Even when they’re technically powered off, certain devices can still use energy and cost you more on your utility bills. Even if it’s just a few appliances here and there, that can still add a couple of hundred dollars to your utility bill.

Common Electricity Vampires

Coffee Makers

We know it’s ideal to keep your coffee maker plugged in so you can quickly make yourself a cup o’ joe each morning, but when you’re not using it for those three minutes every day, it’s still sucking energy from your home.

Styling Tools

All of your electronic beauty products — hair dryers, curlers, razors, straighteners, etc. — sip on your electricity if you keep them plugged in when you’re not using them.


Phones chargers with box plugs and computer chargers with brick plugs suck up a lot of energy from your home even if they aren’t actively charging a device.

Entertainment Consoles

Your child’s game consoles and your old DVD player aren’t very energy-efficient, so when they’re idly plugged into a wall socket, they’ll pull a lot of energy from your home.

How to Prevent Energy

Unplug Appliances

If you’re not using an appliance or device, just unplug it. It’s the easiest way to stop those electricity vampires from sucking your home’s energy.

Use Power Strips

When switched off, power strips will actually cut the energy being fed to the appliances or devices plugged into them. These are good options to use for your TV and entertainment systems that need to be kept plugged in to keep them from resetting.

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