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Backflow Prevention in Orlando

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Backflow prevention devices protect your home's access to clean water. When they work as designed, the device keeps the dirty water away from your home so it does not flow back into your pipes and contaminate your water supply. Ace Solves It All can handle any problem you've encountered with your backflow prevention device. We can also install this device to your plumbing in case you don't have one yet.

To learn more about backflow prevention in Orlando, Kissimmee, or anywhere in Orange and Osceola Counties, contact us at (407) 850-4900.

Prevent Water Contamination

In Orlando, most homes are legally required to have a working backflow prevention device. Each county determines specific laws for their residents. Both Orange and Osceola Counties require backflow prevention devices to prevent contaminated water from crossing into your drinking water.

Devices must be installed anywhere there is a risk of cross-contamination. These places can include hose water, sprinklers, and other outdoor irrigation systems. You would not want your sprinkler water to wash dirt back into your home, or your hose to suck toxins back into your drinking water.

Many methods of backflow prevention exist, such as:

  • Air gap- A non-mechanical backflow preventer designed to create an open vertical space between a valve or faucet and any place that can collect contaminated water, such as a sink.
  • Check valves- Also known as a one-way valve or non-return valve, this type of backflow preventer is designed to let water flow through it in a single direction.
  • Vacuum breakers- A small plastic disc that is commonly attached to a toilet or urinal flush valve to prevent water from flowing backward to your clean water supply.
  • Pressure assemblies- This type of backflow preventer is usually installed to sprinkler systems to prevent the non-potable water from backing into your clean water.

    The type of device you require will depend on the specifics of your residence. Many homes use the air gap or check valve system, though in certain circumstances other devices are appropriate and sufficient.

    How to Recognize a Problem with Your Backflow Protection

    If your water pressure suddenly drops in your home, or you notice dirty water coming up through your drains, you may have a problem with your backflow prevention device. Whatever you do, refrain from drinking tap water and taking showers until you can get your water checked. Your tap water may be contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, and other toxins.

    Ask Ace to inspect your plumbing right away by calling (407) 850-4900. Our Orlando plumbers can provide you with same-day backflow prevention at no extra charge to you.

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