Signs You Need to Update Your Electrical Wiring

More often than not, the only time you probably think about your home’s electrical system is when a light doesn’t turn on or your phone charger won’t work. However, you shouldn’t wait until there’s a problem to start wondering if your electrical wiring is in good shape — both for practical and safety purposes.

There are several signs that it’s time to update your electrical wiring before you’re left without power or at risk of a fire.

Your Wiring is Old

If you can’t remember or don’t know when your wiring was last updated, you’ll want to have it professionally inspected as soon as possible. There are several issues that come with old wiring.

Fire Hazards

Especially if your wiring was put in during the late 1960s or early 1970s, it could be a major fire hazard. During this time, electricians started using aluminum as a cheaper alternative to copper electrical wiring. However, aluminum is a big fire hazard, so after a few years, this was not allowed.

Thing is, homes that already had aluminum wiring kept it, so if your home was built over 40 years old and the wiring hasn’t been updated since then, you’ll need to update it now.

Old Wiring Can’t Handle Current Demands

There weren’t nearly as many electronics to power a few decades ago, so your wiring didn’t need to handle as much current. However, with all the devices and appliances we need to power nowadays, your wiring needs to get an upgrade. Without one, it could overheat and short circuit or become a fire hazard.

Your Outlets Aren’t Grounded

In accordance with the electrical code, any outlets that are near a water source (sink, shower, etc.) needs to be grounded. Essentially, those need to be GFCI outlets that will automatically cut the power going to the outlet if they detect a current leak.

You need to make sure you not only have these outlets in the first place but also that you have enough. In truth, it’s best to have these be the most common outlet in your home — you can never be too safe.

Your home depends on the electrical panel and safely wired outlets to keep a steady flow of electricity to your appliances. At Ace Solves It All, we make sure these electrical elements are safely and professionally installed. Ask our licensed electricians to inspect your electrical panel or to conduct your rewiring project today.

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