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Reliable Orlando Smoke Detectors

Your Safety Comes First

Even if you take strict precautions, house fires can still happen. Having a warning system in place can protect your family in the event of a fire. Smoke detectors are required, by law, to be installed in homes and businesses. Ace Solves It All can make sure your detector’s working right.

When it comes to installing or replacing smoke detectors, don't trust this important job to amateurs. Our professionally trained electricians at Ace have nearly 25 years of experience protecting families across Orange and Osceola Counties.

Schedule a smoke detection installation or inspection today at (407) 850-4900. We also recommend signing up for our Family Value Plan to receive annual safety inspection of your whole electrical system plus other benefits.

No Home is Complete Without a Working Detector

Modern smoke detectors often require hard wiring into your home’s electricity, though they also rely on a backup battery. Some smoke detectors strictly monitor for smoke, while others are equipped to detect carbon monoxide and other toxins in the air.

Any home using natural gas should have a CO detector installed as well. This invisible gas is also often odorless, leaving homeowners unaware of a leak until it’s too late.

Currently, you can choose from three types of smoke detectors for your home:

  • Ionization- Smoke particles pass through a chamber containing small bits of radioactive material. When the smoke comes in contact with this material, it causes a reaction that sets off the alarm.
  • Photoelectric- Smoke passes through a light-filled chamber, blocking the beam of light and causing the alarm to sound off. Fire experts say these devices are only reliable for slower burning fires.
  • Combination- Using both above-mentioned technologies, this device maximizes your protection and is recommended for fast protection against hot fires.

    In the past, homes were outfitted with heat-sensing devices, but they have proved to be less effective against fire protection in recent years.

    Talk to our experts about your smoke detector installation in Orlando, Kissimmee, or nearby when you call us at (407) 850-4900.

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