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Orlando Surge Protector Installation & Repairs

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Prevent damage to your appliances by keeping your surge protectors in good working order. Not sure if you have surge protectors? Ask our expert electricians at Ace Solves It All to conduct an inspection. If we determine that you don't have a surge protections, we can fully explain to you the benefits of installing one in your electrical systems and arrange for a professional installation of a whole-house surge protector. Additionally, we provide repairs for your current one.

To schedule a service, contact Ace at (407) 850-4900. Our Orlando electricians are committed to protecting your electrical appliances and devices from being damaged during a power surge.

The Dangers of a Power Surge

Voltage spikes, also known as power surges, occur when high voltage levels move through the electrical system of a house. Appliances are used to a steady flow of electricity and can be overwhelmed by these sudden spikes.

Voltage spikes, or power surges, can result from:

  • Nearby lightning strikes
  • Problems at the local power plant
  • The sudden return of power after an outage
  • Overloaded outlets or circuits
  • Damaged or exposed wiring
  • High-energy appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners

    These causes vary in degrees, from mild appliance surges to major utility plant surges. No matter the size of the power surge, it can harm valuable electronic devices in your house, often rendering those devices irreparable. Even small shorts in your electricity can cause a computer to stop working or trigger small electrical fires in your sockets.

    Invest in Whole-Home Surge Protection for Maximum Benefits

    Defending your household from voltage spikes requires some level of protection. If you’re only using plug-in power strips for some of your appliances, we recommend you look into whole-house surge protection. This is the best method to protect your electrical system, especially in Orlando, FL with our occasionally stormy weather and frequent lightning strikes.

    Need to know more about your surge protection options? Call (407) 850-4900. We proudly serve all nearby areas, including Kissimmee, Orange County, and Osceola County.

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