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Whole-Home Surge Protectors in Orlando, FL

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Imagine if the appliances and electronics you rely on to get through everyday life suddenly stopped working in a flash. A sudden power surge can make that nightmare a reality. How to avoid it? Shore up your home’s surge protection, with our help!

If your surge protecting situation is subpar, the expert electricians at Ace Solves It All have the solution. Our complete surge protection services include installation, repair, and replacement for surge protectors throughout Seminole County and the Orlando, FL, metro area, including the following communities:

Power surges are a common problem in our area, but with Ace Solves It All, they don’t have to have a negative impact on your home or family. Contact us online or call our team at 407-850-4900 to get started with our surge protection services.

What are the Dangers of a Power Surge?

Voltage spikes, also known as power surges, occur when high voltage levels move through the electrical system of a house. Appliances are used to a steady flow of electricity and can be overwhelmed by these sudden spikes.

Voltage spikes, or power surges, can result from:

  • Nearby lightning strikes
  • Problems at the local power plant
  • The sudden return of power after an outage
  • Overloaded outlets or circuits
  • Damaged or exposed wiring
  • High-energy appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners

Voltage spikes vary in degree, from mild appliance surges to major utility plant surges. No matter the size of the power surge, these electrical spikes can harm expensive and valuable electronic devices in your house, often rendering those devices irreparable. Even small shorts in your electricity can cause a computer to stop working or trigger small electrical fires in your sockets.

You can avoid disaster with a professional surge protector installation by Ace Solves It All. Our surge protection services are second to none. Call us at 407-850-4900, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your home.

Whole-Home Surge Protection: A Smart Investment

Defending your household from voltage spikes requires some level of protection, and with our surge protection services right here in your neighborhood, you’re in extremely good hands.

If you’re only using plug-in power strips for some of your appliances, we highly recommend you look into whole-house surge protection. This is the best choice for protecting your entire electrical system, especially in the Orlando, FL, area, with our occasionally stormy weather and frequent lightning strikes. In the event of a power surge, a whole-home surge protector will limit the amount of electrical current rushing into your system, keeping all your appliances safe from damage.

Smart surge protector strips are also a good investment for homeowners who tend to leave electronics plugged in all the time, as those devices continue to draw what’s known as “phantom power,” even when they’re turned off. This wastes energy and money. Smart surge protectors solve this problem, cutting off the flow of power when electronics are “sleeping.”

There’s no reason to put your essential appliances and expensive electronics at risk. Take the time to assess your surge protection situation today.

Can I Install a Whole House Surge Protector Myself?

The idea of installing a whole-house surge protector yourself might seem tempting. After all, DIY projects can be both satisfying and cost-effective. However, when it comes to whole-house surge protection, taking the DIY route is generally not recommended. Here’s why:

Complex Installation: Whole-house surge protectors are not your typical plug-and-play devices. They require electrical knowledge and expertise to be installed correctly. This means understanding your home’s electrical panel, wiring, and safety protocols. A professional electrician is trained to perform these tasks safely.

Safety Concerns: Working with electrical systems poses inherent risks, such as electrical shock or fires. Professional electricians have the necessary safety equipment, training, and experience to mitigate these risks and ensure a safe installation.

Compliance with Codes and Regulations: Electrical installations must adhere to local building codes and regulations. Professionals are familiar with these standards and ensure your surge protector installation complies with them.

Correct Sizing: Whole-house surge protectors come in various sizes and capacities. To select the right one for your home, you need to understand your electrical needs and potential surge risks. Electricians can assess your specific requirements and recommend the appropriate device.

Warranty and Insurance: Some surge protectors come with warranties that may be voided if the installation is not performed by a licensed electrician. Additionally, in the event of an electrical mishap, insurance providers may not cover damage caused by unlicensed DIY installations.

Effective Protection: A whole-house surge protector should be strategically installed to provide comprehensive protection for all your electrical devices. A professional electrician can determine the ideal location for installation, ensuring all circuits are safeguarded.

While DIY projects can be enjoyable and cost-effective, when it comes to electrical work and whole-house surge protectors, the potential risks and long-term benefits of professional installation outweigh the DIY approach. To ensure your home and appliances are adequately protected from power surges, consider enlisting the services of a licensed electrician who can install your whole-house surge protector safely and effectively.

For Electrical Issues, Ace Is The Place

Need to know more about your surge protection options? Not sure if you need a replacement for an old surge protector? Want to schedule an installation or repair job in Celebration, Kissimmee, Sanford, Windermere, or Winter Garden, FL? The top surge protection services in Seminole County and the Orlando area are just a quick phone call away.

Ace Solves It All is a complete, one-stop electrical repair company, and surge protection services are just one of the many ways we serve our community. From wiring ceiling fans to providing solar energy solutions, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more!

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