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"Corey and Javier came out to service our A/C and we ended up needing to get a few costly repairs completed. They showed us their work every step of the way, were on time and personable and did an excellent job, Very professional, very knowledgable and competent. Would definitely recommend this company, and specifically Corey and Javier for any A/C service you need. Very pleased."

-Corey S.

"I just purchased a home in the Kissimmee area and Ace Solves it All had a annual maintenance package which includes complete inspections of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This is the one service I would never again buy a house without!! Technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They were patient and answered every question I had about my systems and discussed all my options and discussed all my plans for future renovations and provided multiple free quotes for ALL my different ideas."

-Andrew A.

"Ace solves it all has been working in my house since 2014 this year I joined the VIP program and took advantage of the three free inspections they have re-plumbed my house and it was a terrific job I highly recommend ace to do any kind of electrical or plumbing or ac work."

-Tony R.

Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando, FL

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Ace Solves It All is the reliable AC repair company you can trust for urgent and emergency air conditioner repair services.

Home comfort should be simple and affordable with a properly functioning air conditioning system. Don’t risk having to endure the heat and humidity of a brutal Florida summer. Let Ace Solves It All in Greater Orlando fix your air conditioning problems, quickly and efficiently. Contact us online or call (407) 594-7348 today for AC repair service.

Emergency AC Repair Services

An AC emergency is when your air conditioner is experiencing problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible – not the next day. These types of malfunctions can include leaks, total breakdowns, electrical issues, and more.

We provide same-day emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Common Causes of AC Issues

If one room seems to feel colder than normal, or there are rooms in your home that aren’t receiving cool air at all, there’s a good chance you need to call our AC repair experts to come inspect your air conditioner. Our contractors can quickly diagnose any issue, fix it efficiently, and get your whole home feeling comfortable again.

Reasons for uneven or insufficient cooling in most households can include:

  • Blockages or leaks in the air duct system
  • Problems with the thermostat, including loose wiring
  • Old, dirty air filters
  • Closed or blocked vents
  • HVAC unit that’s too small for the size of your home

Signs You Need AC Repair

You and your family deserve to be completely comfortable in your home! If you notice these signs, it may be time for AC repair:

  • Strange AC noises: Your air conditioner is trying to tell you something! Weird sounds from your air conditioner can be more than annoying. They can mean problems with a loose part or motor bearing issues.
  • AC odor: Your AC should not smell like anything. If it smells like mold, there may be a problem with the condensate drain or pan. A burning smell could mean an electrical issue or motor issue, among other things.
  • Rooms feel colder or warmer than normal: There might be a problem with your thermostat, vents, or ducts.
  • Condensation on surfaces: Your AC is not reducing humidity as it should.
  • AC system cycles or turns on and off quickly: This is not normal behavior and could indicate a thermostat problem or other issue.
  • Poor AC airflow: This may indicate a clogged air filter or a problem with the blower motor.
  • Refrigerant or water leaks: If you notice a leak around your unit, it could be water or refrigerant. You may not always be able to locate where the leak is.
  • Energy bills are surprisingly high: If you haven’t been running your AC more than normal and the bill is higher than normal, your system may need repairs or simply an AC tune-up.
  • AC not turning on: This is a pretty obvious sign that a cooling system repair may be in order. There could be an electrical issue, thermostat malfunction, or another AC problem.

When you see, hear, or smell any of these signs of AC trouble, reach out to our professional team for an air conditioner inspection. Our team of reliable and skilled HVAC technicians can quickly locate any problem and provide an efficient repair. We don’t recommend you try and fix your AC system yourself – your air conditioning unit is a complicated piece of machinery.

Should my air conditioner be blowing all the time?

Your air conditioner actually uses a lot of electricity to initially turn on, so in most cases, your air conditioner blowing constantly is actually ideal—so long as it’s keeping up with your cooling needs and not showing signs of problems like freezing or strange noises. A perfectly fit air conditioner will run more than it rests; it’s the opposite you should be wary of. An AC that cycles frequently is very inefficient.

Contact Us for 24/7 AC Repair Today

Thanks to our loyal customers, Ace Solves It All has remained in business since 1994, building a reputation as the best AC repair contractor in our region, and we continue to grow and expand our services. Our trained, certified technicians stay up to date with all the latest methods and technology so we can provide you with safe, reliable, and efficient solutions for all your AC problems.

Put your AC problems behind you! Contact Ace Solves It All for friendly, reliable, and affordable AC repair at (407) 594-7348 today!

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