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Leak Detection in Orlando

Offering State-of-the-Art Leak Detection Services

Low water pressure and consistently high water bills both signal a hidden leak. Leaks under your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, and around your toilet are easy to spot. Slab leaks might be a little more difficult to track. Let Ace Solves It All inspect your pipes for leaks and repair them before they cause permanent damage to your home. We use advanced, non-invasive methods and technologies in locating and repairing your leaks.

Get expert leak detection services in Orlando, Kissimmee, Orange County, and Osceola County by calling our professional plumbers at (407) 850-4900.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Long-term leaks lead to mold and mildew growth, which can quickly affect you and your family's health. Airborne mold spores aggravate asthmatics and those prone to allergies, while more severe cases can cause chronic illness and respiratory distress.

Other reasons to fix your leaks quickly include:

  • Expensive water bills
  • Stress on your pipes
  • Water damage to floors and ceilings
  • Ruined faucets and showerheads

    For your convenience, we offer same-day leak detection and repair services at no extra charge to help you save on lost water costs and protect your home.

    Comprehensive Leak Repair Services in Orlando

    As soon as you suspect a leak, we recommend turning off the water to your home. If you notice the water meter continues to run even with the water turned off, you might have a leak in the main water line supplying your home. Another way to test the location of your leak is to turn off all water faucets and appliances in the home and watch that same meter. A moving meter with the faucets all turned off indicates a leak within the home. We move quickly to discover the location of that leak, repairing problems both large and small.

    Bring our expert leak detection and repair team to your home by calling (407) 850-4900. Ace can truly solve all your plumbing leak problems!

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