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Orlando Garbage Disposal Repair

Installation & Repairs for Your Kitchen Sink

The garbage disposal breaks down solids so the water can drain smoothly from your sink. When this appliance stops working well, the dirty water backs up. You might even see food particles come back up the drain. Ask our professional plumbers at Ace Solves It All to check out your garbage disposal if you suspect a problem.

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Troubleshooting Garbage Disposals in Orange & Osceola Counties

A problematic garbage disposal that's less than 10 years old should still be able to work after a repair. Regularly cleaning your disposal helps keep debris from lodging in the blades. Lodged debris makes the motor work hard, decreasing the lifespan of the disposal and often breaking off blades in the process.

To keep your garbage disposal operating well, try these tips:

  • Drop a quartered lemon into the disposal while the machine runs. The lemon naturally scrubs the blades and helps freshen your drain.
  • When running the disposal each day, use cold water instead of hot water. Cold water keeps debris solid, which is easier for the blades to chop and disperse.
  • Don't pour any grease or cooking oil down your drain, as the blades are not designed for this material and it will solidify in your pipes.
  • Grind ice cubes in the running disposal to help clean and sharpen the blades. The solid cubes can often help dislodge extra bits of food that haven't yet been washed away.

    Why Is My Disposal Humming?

    A disposal that hums but doesn't grind food might simply need to be reset. Avoid damaging your machine or endangering yourself by asking our professional plumbers to help you through this process.

    Our team is ready to solve all your garbage disposal issues. Call our Orlando plumbing team today at (407) 850-4900.

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