Solar Attic Ventilation

What is the hottest part of your house during a sunny day? If you answered, “the attic,” you’re right. But have you considered what a superheated attic means for the rest of your house? It’s easy to dismiss the high levels of heat in the top part of your home because it’s not a place you often spend time. But even with excellent attic insulation, the heat up there will reach other parts of your living space and raise the temperature.

Attic ventilation systems, which consist of special exhaust fans, can make a significant difference for your home comfort as well as your energy bills. An even better option is to have attic ventilation that operates from solar energy. Just take that actual source of heat on the roof and make it do the work! To find out more about solar attic ventilation and to arrange for service, call Ace Solves It All today. Since 1994, we’ve helped Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas with great energy-saving solutions.