Why You Should Invest in a Standby Generator

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It’s no secret that weather can be unpredictable, and in the worst of cases, dangerous. If the weather in your area causes electrical lines to go down, you could be stuck without power — without any idea of when you’ll get it back. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a second source of power. If you need more specific reasons, here’s why you should invest in a standby generator!

Standby generators last longer than portable units.

Portable generators need to be refueled every few hours — and if you run out of fuel before the main power turns on, you’re stuck. Standby generators connect to gas lines so they run for as long as you need them.

Standby generators keep your appliances powered.

It’s awful when a power outage forces you to throw away everything in your refrigerator because the food just can’t be kept cold enough. A standby generator can keep your appliances powered on so that doesn’t have to happen.

Standby generators can help avoid flooding.

If you live near water, your main concern during a storm can often be flooding. Standby generators keep your sump pump running to prevent your home from taking in water.

You don’t have to flip the switch for standby generators.

Another drawback of portable generators is that you have to go outside and turn them on. A standby generator will automatically turn itself on if your power goes out, allowing you to stay inside and safe from harsh weather.

Standby generators can help your family’s health.

If someone in your home relies on powered medical equipment to stay healthy, having a standby generator keeps them from experiencing health complications if a power outage shuts off their machines.

Standby generators keep the lights on and the kids calm.

While you know a blackout is nothing too scary, your kids may not feel the same way and can get very frightened if the power’s out. Your standby generator keeps the lights on so your kids feel more comfortable.

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