Using Your Fan for Energy Savings

Ceiling fan to save energy

There are probably plenty of things you do around your home to try and save money on your energy bills — install a programmable thermostat, turn off the lights when you’re not in a room, and so on. But did you know that your ceiling fan could actually help you save too? When you use it properly, your ceiling fan can make for big energy savings. Here’s how:

Ceiling Fans Help Move Air Around

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when using their HVAC system is stiff air. In the summer, stiff air can make your home feel muggy, and in the winter, it makes your home feel dry.

Contrary to popular believe, ceiling fans don’t cool or warm your air — but they do move it around. When your air is moving, it makes for a more comfortable environment and can even help take a bit of the strain off your HVAC system.

Using Your Fan in the Summer

When it’s hot outside, set your fan to spin counterclockwise. This helps push cool air directly down so you feel it sooner.

Using Your Fan in the Winter

When it’s colder outside, set your fan to spin clockwise. This helps pull air up to be redistributed to the edges of the room, helping push warm air back down to create a steadier temperature.

Turn Them Off When You’re Not Home

Just like there’s no point in having your AC run when there’s no one home, you shouldn’t leave your fans on either during that time. Only run them when people are home and your HVAC unit is running. Otherwise, you’re just wasting energy.


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