Repairs to Make Before Renting Your Home to Vacationers

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Renting out your home or your vacation home is a great way to earn extra income during tourist season — especially in Orlando. But before you start moving people in, you need to make sure that your house is ready to accommodate guests. Before renting your home to vacationers, make sure you make a few repairs to the home they’ll be staying in.

Hot Water Heater

The last thing your guests want to experience is getting home from a hot day at Disney, going to wash off all the sunscreen and sweat, and find that the shower is ice cold. Have your water heater serviced before your guests are left without hot water.

Air Conditioner

Every Floridian knows how important your air conditioner is to staying comfortable in the summer, so you should make sure yours is up to the task of keeping any vacationers you host cool. Your guests won’t be pleased if they have to call a repairman in the middle of the day because the AC died.

Electrical Panel

Does your fuse box blow every now and then? While it may not bother you, it will bother any vacationers who won’t want to be without power. Have your electrical panel replaced so there are no power outages while you host your guests.

Water Treatment System

If you’re renting out a vacation house that may not have been lived in for a while, the water that’s been sitting in your pipes may come out brown or foul-smelling. Installing a water treatment system can prevent scaring any vacationers and provide them (and yourself) with clean, healthy water.

Outlet Plugs

Your guests will probably have phones and cameras to charge, hair dryers to use, and the occasional speaker to plug in. If they have to walk around your home finding outlets that actually work, it will detract from their experience, so have your outlets tested and make sure each one works well.

Besides giving your guests a great home to stay in, all these repairs will still benefit you long after tourist season ends!

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