Reasons to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

air conditioner maintenance in Orlando

With summer on the horizon, we’re sure you’ve made plenty of plans to go to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, or on another vacation. While you’re getting those plans in order, have you planned on how you’re going to care for your air conditioner? It’s essential to schedule your AC tune-up as we head into summer. Here’s why:

Ensure Your AC is Running Properly

Even if you perform regular maintenance on your own, a professional AC tune-up is essential to ensure that your unit is running properly. More often than not, you won’t be able to catch every issue or malfunction on your own — only a trained technician can do that. If your HVAC technician spots an issue during your tune-up, they can fix it right away so that your AC runs as efficient as possible.

Lower Your Energy Bill

If you’re allowing your AC to run with a problem, you’re also forcing it to use more energy to operate. By scheduling an AC tune-up and fixing little issues sooner rather than later, your AC won’t use as much power to run, and you can have lower energy bills.

Maintain Your Warranty

Did you know that many manufacturers require you to get routine tune-ups in order to maintain your warranty? If your AC breaks down and the issue was rooted in a lack of maintenance, your warranty may be voided, and you’ll be stuck paying for the repairs out of pocket.

At Ace Solves It All, our team is thorough and precise in our maintenance calls. We make sure to leave your home clean, maintain a professional workspace, and provide technicians who are experienced, friendly, and easy to talk to. Give us a call to schedule your AC tune-up!

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