Pet-Proofing Your Plumbing

Senior man washes his pet golden retriever dog in the backyard.

Whether your furry friend of choice is a dog, cat, or maybe even a mini pig, your pets more than just pets — they’re part of your family. While you’ve probably done a lot to keep your pets safe in your home, have you thought about how you to protect things in your home from your pets? You may not realize it, but your pets could do a bit of damage to your plumbing system (and vice versa).

If you want to keep both your plumbing system and your pets safe, follow these tips.

Have Bathtime Outside

Unless you want Fido tracking mud and dirt inside your house, after a long day at the dog park, you’re probably going to want to give him a bath. However, if you wash him down in your shower, all the dirt, sand, and hair can make for a pretty large clogged when it flows down your drains. Instead, keep shower time outside and use your hose to rinse your pets off.

Watch Out for Open Drains

If you have a hamster, mouse, or even small kitten or puppy, if they venture off to where you have any open drain entrances, they could easily fall in and get stuck in there — talk about terrifying!

If you have any open drains, add a grate over them to decrease the size of the open space or keep them blocked off from that area.

Don’t Flush Kitty Litter

You may be tempted to tip your cat’s litter box into the toilet to avoid having to touch its content, but that’s a bad move. See all those solid clumps in the mix? They’re pretty hard, and they’ll just end up clogging your toilet if you try to flush them.

Lock Away Drain Cleaners

If you have any drain cleaners or other chemical-based cleaning products, make sure they’re in places your pet won’t have access to them. If they happen to ingest those cleaners, they can suffer from serious medical problems, so child(pet)-proof any of lower cabinets with cleaning products in them or just store them hire up to begin with.

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