Is Your AC Safe For Your Baby?

Six-month baby girl on her stomach with teether in the mouth

As a new parent, you’re still probably figuring out the in’s and out’s of having a baby and figuring out what in those parenting books is actually practical and what’s basically impossible. When you’re raising a baby in the Orlando, FL heat, you may wonder if your AC is safe for your baby, since you’ve had it running since way before they were born.

Is Your AC Safe For Your Baby?

Good news — it is. It’s actually much safer, according to doctors, to use AC and keep your baby in a cool environment, then to have them stay in a hot and humid one. However, there are certain things you should do with your AC to ensure your baby have a negative experience.

Keep your baby out of the direct path of cold air.

Dress your baby in light layers and even a cap and booties to ensure he or she doesn’t get too cold from the AC.

Make sure your baby’s skin is well moisturized.

The cold air from the AC can potentially dry out your baby skin, so use plenty of baby lotion to keep their skin hydrated.

Have your AC regularly serviced.

Even though it can do some good, your AC can put harm to your baby if it’s not properly maintained and the filters are not changed regularly. If that’s the case, your baby could be breathing in dangerous particles from the air. Call your trusted HVAC professional to inspect your unit at least twice a year.

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