Household Items You Should Be Replacing Right Now

From the day you move into your home, it seems as though your constantly adding and replacing items you have. While this typically tends to be toilet paper, toothbrushes, and bath towels, there are a few other household items you should be replacing right now rather than ignoring.

Your Smoke Detector

While smoke and carbon monoxide detectors typically last for ten years, it’s always important to check and replace the batteries in them on a regular basis. If you can’t remember when you last installed or replaced your detectors, you should take the initiative and replace them now, just to be safe.

Your Fire Extinguisher

If you don’t already have a fire extinguisher, to begin with, get one right away. These items usually last for about 12 years, so if yours has been sitting under your sink for longer than you can remember, it’s best to purchase a replacement to ensure your safety.

Your Showerheads

Over time, mineral deposits can build up inside your showerhead, especially if you have hard water. That buildup can make for low water pressure, unsightly stains, and your being sprayed with those deposits every time you turn the shower on. Replace your showerhead filters every six months in order to rid yourself of any buildup.

Your Air Filters

As time goes on, your AC’s air filter becomes dirty and can start to inhibit the air flow in your system. Your air filter should be changed at least every 6 weeks, every 4 weeks is better, in order to keep your HVAC unit running in good shape.

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