Benefits of Zoned Cooling

zoned cooling system in Orlando

If you’ve ever had a roommate, you know how tricky it can be to find a temperature you both agree on. Since everyone has their own preference of how cool they like their living space, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make everyone happy? Well, guess what — there is! Zoned cooling can help make your home the perfect temperature for anyone.

What is Zoned Cooling?

Zoned cooling systems splits up your home into different areas called zones. Each zone has its own thermostat allowing you to set different temperatures in different areas of your home. And having the split up zones offers a bunch of benefits.

Benefits of Zoned Cooling:

Save Energy

You might think that since zoned cooling systems are more complex than regular systems they’d use more energy, but they actually use less! You’re able to set warmer temperatures in rooms you don’t use as much since they don’t need to be as cool if you don’t utilize them often. You’ll also be able to save money without having to cool those rooms to the same level as other rooms.

Better Comfort

Remember that problem of making everyone happy with the temperature of the house? With zoned cooling, different members of the family can set different zones to their ideal temperatures. Maybe everyone likes the living room cooling than their bedrooms — zoned cooling makes that a reality!

Enhanced Convenience

Many modern-day zoned cooling systems come with added convenience of extra amenities, such as remotes with fan and humidity control. Plus, temperatures can often be changed in the room you’re already in, so you won’t have to wander your home to adjust anything.

If you’re interested in adding energy efficiency and convenience to your home, contact Ace Solves It All. We offer exceptional zone cooling systems and services, from the installation of a new system to the repair or replacement of an old one. If your zone air conditioner system develops an issue, we’ll be able to solve it. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (407) 850-4900.

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