The Danger of Power Surges

Power surges can occur at any time (depending on their cause) and do some real damage to your home. If you’re not careful, your home can suffer from the dangerous side effects of power surges and you could be let with major electrical problems.

What Causes Power Surges?

Electronic Use

Think about how many things you have plugged into your home’s outlet — appliances, air conditioners, gaming systems, phone chargers, and so much more. Your home, like most, is only equipped to handle a certain level of electricity at a time, so all those electronics can easily cause a power surge.


During storms, lighting can strike your home and send volts of electricity through your circuits, causing a major electric overload. And sorry to tell you, but our Florida heat and humidity make us pretty prone to lightning storms, and therefore, strikes.

Poor Wiring

If the connections and/or wiring in your electrical systems aren’t updated or they’re installed poorly, they won’t be able to handle a regular electrical flow, resulting in an accidental power surge.

Power Grid Issues

If there’s a power outage in your area, when the power comes back on, all that electricity can overload your home’s electric panel and cause a big power surge — putting your devices and appliances at risk.

Why Are Power Surges Dangerous?

Frequent surges can overload your home and can damage any electronic or appliance that’s plugged into your outlets. When too much electricity flows through an appliance or device, it can cause it to overheat, short out the electric work in the appliance, or even cause the device to catch fire!

How to Protect Your Home Against Power Surges

The safest way to guard against the danger of power surges is by outfitting your home with a whole-home surge protector.

Not sure if you have surge protectors? Ask our expert electricians at :BusinessName} to conduct an inspection. If we determine that you don’t have a surge protections, we can fully explain to you the benefits of installing one in your electrical systems and arrange for a professional installation of a whole-house surge protector.

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