Keeping Mold Out of Your AC

In Florida, an air conditioner is a necessity when it comes to personal comfort. If your home doesn’t have central or ductless AC, a window AC unit is a good alternative and can provide a lot of relief during the summer months. However, that doesn’t mean it’s without downsides.

If not properly taken care of, window air conditioners can develop mold — and no one wants to be breathing that in! When it comes to keeping mold out of your AC, here are a few precautions you can take.

Use the Auto-Setting

Don’t turn your window AC on and off all the time just based on how you feel. This allows moisture and warmth to build up in the unit, making for the perfect place for mold to grow — not to mention it can waste your money. Instead, use the unit’s auto setting that will cycle it on whenever it detects the air needs to be cooled and keep to unit dry.

Use a Unit with Humidity Control

Most modern units these days come with a humidity control option that allows it to control the moisture level of the air around it. This can seriously help stop the growth of mold inside your unit and on its slates.

Use Good Air Filters

When you use cheap air filters that clog up easily, the airflow in your unit gets restricted and more moisture can develop inside it and allow mold to grow. It’s best to choose a unit with better quality air filters that don’t restrict the airflow in your unit.

It’s also important to remember to clean the filters every month to rid them of all the air particles and debris they collect.

Maintain It

Even though it’s not as large or complex as a central or ductless air conditioning system, your window AC unit still needs regular maintenance. To keep mold out of your AC, make sure to keep dust off of the unit and clean the coils regularly.

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