Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Tub?

Bath bombs have become increasingly popular over the past year, invading countless bathrooms across America. Despite their name, “bomb,” these guys don’t cause you any harm — but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for their effects on your bathtub.

What is a Bath Bomb?

A bath bomb is a ball of packed Epsom salt which fizzes-up when placed in water and typically include aromatherapy oils or pieces of sweet-scented flowers. Some even have glitter in them — although we don’t know why you’d want to bathe in glitter.

The entire point of bath bombs is to enhance your bath and relax your muscles and mind.

Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Tub?

The quick answer? No, not really. For a number of reasons, bath bombs are actually harmful to your tub and pipes…

The Salt Might Not Dissolve

Typically, the all the salt of the bath bomb should dissolve in your bath water. But if some of the salt clumps together, it can clog your drain and leave you with a big mess.

Some Bath Bombs Contain a Lot of Oil

All those essential oils that are meant to calm you down can actually stress you out if they get solid and clog your drains. That peaceful bath will be for nothing if you end up needing to call a plumber just to drain it when you’re done.

Non-Salt Ingredients Don’t Always Drain

Let’s say your bath bomb has pieces of lavender flowers or glitter in it. Those flower petals may not drain easily, and all that glitter can stick to the sides of your tub and pipes. That can make for a lot of plumbing problems down the line.

You Could Damage Your Jets

If you have a spa tub, all that salt, oil, and added ingredients from your bath bomb can get inside the jets and clog or damage them entirely. If that happens, you can kiss your spa tub goodbye.

How to Safely Use Bath Bombs?

We know how nice it can be to toss in a bath bomb after a stressful day, so we won’t tell you to quit using them entirely. Instead:

  • Place the Bath Bomb in a Mesh Bag: This will keep any clumps of salt or flower pieces out of your drain.
  • Skip the Glitter Bombs: Again, we don’t know why you’d want to bathe in glitter, but just forget these entirely to avoid any type of mess in your tub and drain.

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