Spots You Shouldn’t Have Your Thermostat

If you think about it, your thermostat is basically the playmaker of your cooling system — so you should want to keep it in good shape. Just like you wouldn’t put your playmaker next to the rival team during the playoffs, you shouldn’t have your thermostat in the wrong place either. These are a few spots you shouldn’t have your thermostat that really throw it off its game.

Near the Vents

Your thermostat needs to be able to detect the real temperature of your home, so having it next to your air vents throws it out of whack. Since the air blowing on it is cold, it will think the entire room is cool and stop your AC from running — leaving you with a warm house.

Near Your Heat-Expelling Appliances

While we don’t see why you’d have your thermostat near your laundry room or kitchen, if it is, you should relocate it. All the heat from your dryer or oven can throw off your thermostat and make your AC work harder than it has to.

In Direct Sunlight

If your thermostat is getting beamed by the sun all day, it will never detect that your home is cool and can cause your AC to run for much longer than it should typically have to. These misreadings can kill your AC’s efficiency and really hike up your energy bills.

Near Windows and Doors

The same way being near a vent can cause your thermostat to detect the wrong temperature, having it near a window or door can result in the same issue. Drafts in the door or the window’s constant opening and closing can easily throw off the temperature your thermostat detects and cause your AC to turn on and off more than necessary.

In Your Hallway

Your thermostat should be in a more inhabited part of your home, such as the bedrooms or living room, in order to properly detect how warm or cool the house really is. If it’s in a hallway, it can’t get a true feel for your home’s temperature and cool it properly.

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