Are There Different Kinds of Plungers?

No one likes dealing with a clogged drain — at the very least out of fear of what will come out. But we know all too well that clogs happen and the sooner you get rid of them, the better. So that makes you wonder which plunger will best get the job done. Were you unaware that there are different kinds of plungers? Well, there are three major types, each best at helping with a certain kind of drain clog.

Toilet Plunger

As the name implies, this plunger is meant to work specifically for toilets. It has a smaller cup that fits inside your toilet but also has a larger flap above the cup. This makes it easier to form a vacuum of suction around the clog since the flap’s flexibility can fit various-sized drains.

Sink Plunger

This is the plunger you typically see in most bathrooms. It has a straight handle and a single rubber cup that works best on surfaces which the cup can be placed flatly on the drain to create a vacuum to remove the clog. You’ll have the most success using this plunger for bathroom and kitchen sinks and sometimes bathtubs.

Accordion Plunger

This plunger features a smaller cup at the end of a folding body designed to fit into a toilet drain. While they can be effective, accordion plungers are not always the easiest the handle, especially if the small cup doesn’t fit properly in the drain.

If you aren’t having any success clearing a clog on your own with a plunger, call the experts at Ace Solves It All for help. Whether you are in need of a shower drain cleaning, sink drain cleaning, or both, you can trust our team to unclog your drain effectively and efficiently.

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