The Great Debate: How Toilet Paper Should Hang

For years, bathroom-goers (so basically, everyone) have argued over how toilet paper should hang on the roll holder. People have felt so passionate about this that the internet has recovered the patent and illustrations from the very first invention of the product. Well, forget the patents! There are arguments for both sides of this great debate — which one are you on?


Less Risk of Bacteria Transfer

If the toilet paper hangs over the roll, you aren’t as likely to have your hand brush against the counter or wall and transfer germs to the toilet paper you’re about to use.

Easier to Find the End

Hanging over lets you find the end of the roll quickly rather than spinning it several times just to start at the same place.

Signal for Cleanliness

Do you notice that hotels, cruises, and professional buildings’ bathroom sometimes have the toilet paper folder into a nice diamond or triangle? This is done to signal that the bathroom has been cleaned — and can only be done when the paper hangs over the roll.


Tidier Appearance

Some people feel that, since you can’t always see where the paper ends, hanging the paper under makes the roll look neater than it does over.

Less Chance for a Mess

Small children and pets can easily unroll toilet paper if they see the beginning of the roll hanging over, but if they don’t see it because it’s hung under the roll, there’s less likely to be a mess.

Easier on Moving Vehicles

Toilet paper can easily become unrolled on a moving vehicle, such as a bus or RV, but it is less likely to unroll of it’s hung with the roll beginning underneath.

No matter how you think toilet paper should hang, there’s one definite truth — toilet paper is useless if you don’t have a well-working toilet. Ace Solves It All offers a full range of bathroom plumbing services throughout Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. No matter what your plumbing needs or plumbing problems are, we’ve got you covered. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (407) 499-8006.

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