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"Corey and Javier came out to service our A/C and we ended up needing to get a few costly repairs completed. They showed us their work every step of the way, were on time and personable and did an excellent job, Very professional, very knowledgable and competent. Would definitely recommend this company, and specifically Corey and Javier for any A/C service you need. Very pleased."

-Corey S.

"I just purchased a home in the Kissimmee area and Ace Solves it All had a annual maintenance package which includes complete inspections of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This is the one service I would never again buy a house without!! Technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They were patient and answered every question I had about my systems and discussed all my options and discussed all my plans for future renovations and provided multiple free quotes for ALL my different ideas."

-Andrew A.

"Ace solves it all has been working in my house since 2014 this year I joined the VIP program and took advantage of the three free inspections they have re-plumbed my house and it was a terrific job I highly recommend ace to do any kind of electrical or plumbing or ac work."

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Solar Panel Installation in Orlando

Interested in Solar Energy Solutions for Your Florida Home? We Can Help!

solar panel installationYou can feel the sun’s energy almost every day in Florida as soon as you step outside. Why not use that heat to provide power to your house? It’s not as difficult as you may imagine. The technology of solar energy systems continues to improve and advance with every year, and with various incentives at the federal and state level for solar installation, using the power of the sun is more accessible than ever. You just have to know the right solar company to turn to.

Since 1994, Ace Solves It All has provided electrical services to Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Garden, Sanford, Celebration, Windermere, and Seminole County, FL and the surrounding areas. We’ve expanded into offering full solar energy solutions as well. We have a team of excellent contractors ready to help your household take advantage of the clean, renewable power of the sun.

Give us a call today to learn about our wide range of solar energy systems and services for residential use.

The Many Benefits of Solar Installation

Solar energy offers advantages even to regions that are overcast and cloudy much of the year. For example, a country that has long been a leader in solar energy use is Germany, which receives less sunlight per year than many parts of the US.

Florida, the Sunshine State, is therefore ideally suited to receive the highest possible benefits from solar energy solutions, such as:

Utility Bill Savings — The cost of the sun’s energy is nothing. It’s free! You’ll still need to pay for some electrical grid use, but otherwise, once you’ve paid the installation on the solar electrical system, you’ll essentially be receiving free energy. The installation will pay for itself after only a few years.

Low-Maintenance Needs — Although any solar energy system will need occasional maintenance, they have few requirements. You don’t even need to worry about washing the panels; the rain takes care of that. You can expect to enjoy many years of service from your solar installation.

Eco-Friendly — Going solar will reduce your impact on the environment because you’ll draw less power from the electrical grid, lower the strain placed on power plants, and decrease dependence on oil and gas. Going solar is one of the best ways to go green!

The Importance of Professional Solar Energy Services

Ace is a leading solar company in the area that proudly offers many options for how your home uses solar power.

A couple of our solar installations include:

Solar Attic Ventilation — Solar attic ventilation is a good idea in general, as it removes a large source of heat from your home. Solar attic fans make the job even easier and less expensive.

Solar Panels — The basis of solar energy systems is the solar panel or photovoltaic (PV) panel. We’ll take care of the job of putting in the right number of panels on your roof or elsewhere on your property to meet your needs.

Keep Your Whole House Comfortable with Solar Attic Ventilation

What is the hottest part of your house on a sunny day? If you answered, “the attic,” you’re right. Have you considered what a superheated attic means for the rest of your house? It’s easy to dismiss the high levels of heat at the top part of your home because it’s not a place you often spend time. But even with excellent attic insulation, the heat up there will reach other parts of your living space and raise the temperature.

Attic ventilation systems, which consist of special exhaust fans, can make a significant difference for your home comfort as well as your energy bills. An even better option is to have attic ventilation that operates from solar energy. Just take that actual source of heat on the roof and make it do the work. Our solar panels in Orlando can provide you with the correct installation of your solar attic ventilation. We also offer repair, replacement, and maintenance services for your existing solar ventilation at home.

Power Your Orlando-Area Home with Solar Panels

The basic component of a solar energy system is the solar panel. Everyone is familiar with the site of these shiny panels on the roofs of homes and buildings, placed in rows in solar farm or on the top of carports. It’s these panels that harvest the radiant energy of the sun and then convert it into electricity for use in a home or other building.

If you are considering using solar energy to power part of your home, such as a solar air conditioner, or solar attic ventilation system, then the starting point is installing the solar panels. Make sure you enlist the help of solar experts. Fortunately, some of the best in the Orlando area are at Ace. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have about installing solar panels in your home. We provide a wide range of solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial use. We’ll help you find the solar solution that works best for all your needs.

Choose Ace for Solar Services in Greater Orlando & Beyond

Ace can help you qualify for federal, state, or utility company solar incentives. We have excellent solar technicians who will help you sort through the various options for harnessing the sun’s energy and lowering your power bills. We provide a five-year warranty on all the work we do, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible service for installation. Our contractors are also available whenever you need repairs, replacements, or routine maintenance.

Call us now at (407) 850-4900 or use our online form to schedule a service for your solar energy system! We serve residents throughout Florida in Winter Garden, Sanford, Celebration, Windermere, Seminole County, and throughout Orange and Osceola Counties.

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