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Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

"Corey and Javier came out to service our A/C and we ended up needing to get a few costly repairs completed. They showed us their work every step of the way, were on time and personable and did an excellent job, Very professional, very knowledgable and competent. Would definitely recommend this company, and specifically Corey and Javier for any A/C service you need. Very pleased."

-Corey S.

"I just purchased a home in the Kissimmee area and Ace Solves it All had a annual maintenance package which includes complete inspections of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This is the one service I would never again buy a house without!! Technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They were patient and answered every question I had about my systems and discussed all my options and discussed all my plans for future renovations and provided multiple free quotes for ALL my different ideas."

-Andrew A.

"Ace solves it all has been working in my house since 2014 this year I joined the VIP program and took advantage of the three free inspections they have re-plumbed my house and it was a terrific job I highly recommend ace to do any kind of electrical or plumbing or ac work."

-Tony R.

Electrical Panel & Rewiring Service


Your home depends on the electrical panel and safely wired outlets to keep a steady flow of electricity to your appliances. At Ace Solves It All, we make sure these electrical elements are safely and professionally installed. Ask our licensed electricians to inspect your electrical panel or to conduct your rewiring project today.

To schedule an appointment for electrical panel upgrades or rewiring in the areas of Kissimmee, Celebration, or Sanford, FL, contact us today.

Managing Your Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. This electrical panel operates as the main switching station for the circuits that send electrical signals to your outlets. The electrical panel also protects your home from dangerous overloads by cutting off power to the circuits when necessary.

Faulty or outdated electrical panels cannot handle the rising electrical demands of your household. Our licensed electrician can service your circuit breaker to make sure it’s ready to handle the needs of your home.

You may need your circuit breaker serviced if:

  • It trips frequently
  • You see sparks coming from the panel
  • You’re upgrading your home, especially if it involves adding a new room
  • You’re adding heavy appliances to your garage
  • Bad wires stick out from the box
  • It has failed a recent electrical inspection

Professional Electrician for All Home Rewiring Projects

Do not put your family at risk by attempting to address your electrical panel and rewiring projects yourself. Entrust all your electrical needs to Ace. Our company has been in the electrical business since 1994, and our experienced electricians handle jobs large and small with ease.

We also provide a five-year warranty on all our electrical work, and we’ll treat your home as if it were our own.

More electrical services:

We couldn’t claim to “solve it all,” if rewiring electrical panels were our only electrical service. We also provide maintenance and installation for your:

Surge Protector

A voltage spike (also known as an electrical surge) can be dangerous, but a surge protector installed and maintenanced by Ace Solves It All can protect you and your home or business.

Smoke Detector

Everyone knows what a smoke detector does, but what you may not know is that we offer three different types: ionization, photoelectric, or combination detectors.

Ceiling Fan

Choose from four different types to keep your home or business comfortable: standard, low-profile, dual-motor, and damp/wet ceiling fans (to resist humidity for use outdoors).


We install and repair standby generators that automatically kick on to power your building when you lose power, as well as portable generators you turn on and connect during a power outage. You can use smaller portable generators to power individual appliances, such as your fridge.

Interior Lighting

We attend to all your interior lighting needs by installing and repairing everything from ambient lighting and accent lights to track lighting and timed lights for security.

For all your residential or commercial electrical needs, including but not limited to outdoor lighting, in the Kissimmee, Celebration, and Sanford areas of FL, contact Ace Solves It All today.

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