Be On the Lookout for These Common Post-Hurricane Plumbing Problems

Floridians are no strangers to the havoc hurricanes can wreak on communities; we’ve seen it happen throughout our state, time and again. Even those whose homes aren’t directly hit by a hurricane can still experience significant damage from the storm.

Ace Solves It All is here to help in any way we can. As hurricanes continue to affect our region, we encourage homeowners to be on the lookout for these potential plumbing problems, and to give us a call whenever they’re in need of emergency service!

Dirty Water

As we’ve learned through experience with past hurricanes, water contamination is a real concern in the aftermath of these huge storms. Overloaded sewer lines unable to handle the heavy pressure of storm surges can cause backflow to homes. Although many of the homes we serve in Central Florida are protected by backflow prevention devices, any malfunction by those devices could mean potential cross-contamination of a home’s water supply.

If you notice your water pressure has dropped or dirty water is emerging from your drains, get on the phone to a professional plumber right away.

Tepid Water

The influx of excess water that accompanies a storm surge can also cause water heaters to short circuit. Often this will result in a drop in water temperature. If you find you can’t get your water to reach its typical peak temperature, enlist the help of a pro.

Slow Toilets

Clogged toilets in and around Orlando, FL, after a hurricane or any storm that features heavy rainfall, could be the result of a sewer line disruption. If your toilet isn’t draining the way it did before the storm, that’s a signal to call our experts to come out and inspect your sewer lines. If the pipes have shifted or cracked, we’ll make sure to nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse.


The immense pressure of excessive rainwater can take its toll on underground pipes. Damage done to the structure of a home during a hurricane can also affect the plumbing system, causing pipes to crack or even burst. While you might not be able to spot leaks immediately with the naked eye, a good way to gauge whether your system has sprung a leak is to take a look at the water meter when you’re not using water in the home. If the flow indicator on the meter is moving, yes, you do have a leak, and it’s time to call a plumber to get it fixed.

Ace Solves It All is here to help homeowners throughout Central Florida with everything from emergency plumbing issues that spring from big storms to minor electrical projects such as ceiling fan installations, in Orlando, FL, and the entire surrounding area. Don’t wait to address any of your home maintenance challenges; give us a call today to schedule service!

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