Why Does My Toilet Smell Bad?

We all know that there are certain times we want to avoid heading into the bathroom — mainly, right after someone in the family has used it after having chili for dinner. But if your toilet is giving off similar smells even when no one has used it and you’ve cleaned it a number of times, that can be cause for concern.

There are a number of reasons why your toilet could smell so bad, all of which you’ll want to resolve sooner rather than later.

Your P-Trap

If you’re getting a sewage smell from your toilet, you like have an issue with your p-trap. A P-trap is a u-shaped pipe that uses a small amount of water to form a seal within your toilet system and keep sewer smells from seeping into your home.

If the water evaporates — sometimes common in toilets that aren’t used for a while, such as in a guesthouse — it can allow sewage smells to seep into your toilet. Flushing your toilet a few times to replenish the water should fix the problem.

A Clog

Sometimes, a clog doesn’t need to prevent your toilet from flushing entirely to have a negative effect on your plumbing. If there is a small buildup in your pipes, bacteria can start to grow on it and cause a smell to be emitted. Having the drain cleaned should help resolve the smell.

Sewage Seepage

While Florida residents are no stranger to heat and humidity, you may not know that all that heat can allow bacteria to grow in your sewer. If that happens, that bacteria can develop a pretty foul odor that can flow up to your toilet. It’s best to consult a plumber to handle any sewage issues.

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