Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

When you think of air pollution, you probably think of the smog and air that’s usually found in urban areas. However, air pollution could be present in your own home. The air you breathe in your home could be filled with irritating chemicals and allergens that could cause respiratory problems amongst other things, so use these tips for improving your indoor air quality.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality:

Take Care of the Floors

Regularly vacuum your carpets and floors to get rid of any dust that could have accumulated in your home. (It’s also a good idea to vacuum your upholstery and any other high traffic area where dust has settled.) Afterward, mop the floors to get rid of any remaining dust, and place large doormats at every entrance of your home to prevent future debris from getting inside.

Maintain Healthy Humidity Levels

If the air in your home is too moist or dry, it can allow allergens, dust, and mold to fester. Using a dehumidifier and AC can help keep moisture levels, and therefore harmful particles and bacteria, down in your home.

Keep Your Home Smoke-Free

Smoking isn’t just harmful to the person doing it. Secondhand smoke can have dangerous effects on those who breathe it in. A big step to take when improving your indoor air quality is keeping those carcinogens out of your home entirely.

Clean Your Home Naturally

Many store-bought cleaning and air freshening products contain harsh chemicals that can spread through the air in your home. When it comes to making sure your home is clean and smells fresh, aim to use all-natural products that are also fragrance-free.

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