How to Stop a Toilet from Overflowing

Have you ever experienced the terror that takes over your body when you see the water in a toilet bowl continue to rise? It’s bad enough if that happened in your own home, but it’s even worse when it happens at someone else’s house.

When you need to stop a toilet from overflowing, here are the steps you should take.

Secure the Flapper

The first thing you should do to stop the water from overflowing in the toilet is to remove the lid of the tank and look inside for the rubber flapper. (Before you get nervous, the water in the tank is clean, so it’s safe to touch.) Push the flapper completely down over the valve it covers to stop the flow of water into the bowl.

Pull the Float Up

Inside the tank, you should also see a floater, usually a rubber ball. To stop the water flow, pull the floater up in the tank so it blocks the valves. If the water stops flowing after a minute or two, you can let it go.

Turn Off the Water Valve

If the water continues to flow, look behind the toilet for the water valve. Turn the valve to the opposite direction to stop the flow of water and stop the toilet from overflowing.

Remove the Clog

More often than not a toilet will begin to overflow because something, such as a clog, is preventing the water from flowing normally down your drain. Use a plunger or snake to remove the clog that way you spare yourself any future overflows.

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