Why are My Pipes So Noisy?

Do you turn on your shower in the morning only to hear what sounds like a drumline inside your walls? Does your plumbing screech at you every time you turn on a faucet? Noisy pipes are not only annoying to listen to, but they can be a sign of bigger problems. These are a few reasons your pipes could making so much noise.

If Your Pipes are Banging

Banging noises are often the result of a pressure buildup in your pipes. To rid yourself of these noises, you can first try to reset your plumbing’s air chambers by:

  • Turning off your home’s water supply

  • Turning on all of your home’s faucets to drain all the water and release any pressure inside your pipes.

  • Turning your water supply back on.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, check your supply pipes. If they aren’t properly secured, they can rattle and bang as water travels through them. Usually, adding clips or plumber’s tape should solve the problem.

If Your Pipes are Whistling

A whistle-type noise is commonly the result of either lose components or lose valves. If the whistling noise only seems to come from one or two faucets, you probably just need to replace a washer or screw.

However, if the sound is coming from multiple faucets, you may have too much deposit buildup inside the pipes or a bad pressure regulator. If that’s the case, you should have a plumber help you with the issues.

If Your Pipes are Rattling

Shaking or rattling noises are most often caused by too high of water pressure. If your water pressure is too high, have a plumber install a pressure regulator to get your things back to a suitable level.

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