How to Deal With a Short Cycling AC System

As the leading provider of water heater services in Orlando, FL, we also offer a full range of AC services. In the warmer months, as homes start to heat up, thermostat readings i our area skyrocket. When this happens, the thermostat signals the AC to switch on and cool things down. If your AC system stops running before your home reaches the set temperature, there is a problem. This problem is known as AC short cycling, and has several causes.

Why Do AC Units Short Cycle?

There can be several factors that cause AC short cycling; the most common include:

Frozen Evaporator Coils

This can occur when an AC system runs, and it is cold outside, or it could be the result of many different mechanical problems. To thaw out your system, shut it down completely. If the problem persists and the coils re-freeze, call a professional immediately.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

When air filters clog, AC systems cannot pull fresh air through. If this happens, systems can overheat, causing them to switch off as a precaution before they complete their cycle.

Your AC Is Too Large for Your Home

If your AC unit is too big for your home, it is also too powerful. This means that it will emit too much cold air and cause the system to short cycle. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the large unit with one that more appropriately fits your home.

Refrigerant Is Leaking or Has Become Low

When refrigerant levels are too low, your AC unit must work harder to cool the same amount of space. This can cause malfunctions and can lead to AC short cycling.

AC Electrical Problems

Control boards and wiring may experience issues that cause short cycling. If you suspect an electrical problem, switch off your AC unit and contact a professional ASAP.

What to Do to Fix the Problem

Two of the above problems may be resolved without professional help. You can manually replace the filters on your AC unit, and to defrost evaporator coils, you need to leave your system switched off until they thaw out. However, if your AC continues to short cycle, or if you want to address any of the other issues mentioned above, professional help form one of our trusted technicians is required.

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