How to Stay Cool Without AC

Florida residents are no stranger to scorching summer (and sometimes year-round) heat — which is why your AC is probably one of your best friends during the really hot months. But when it dies, what do you do (besides cry)? While you’re waiting for a repair or replacement, here are a few ways to stay cool without AC.

Utilize Your Fans

Although fans don’t necessarily cool air, they do move it around and help pull hot air up rather than letting it remain still and stuffy. Just make sure the fan is turning counterclockwise.

Choose Cotton

Ditch the silk, polyester, and satin sheets and PJs for cotton. It breathes better and helps keep you cooler.

Drink Water Before Bed

When you sweat in your sleep, you can become dehydrated and overly warm. Drink a tall glass of water before bed to help your body retain moisture.

Keep the Curtains Closed

As you might guess, sunlight shining in through windows makes your home warmer. Keep your curtains closed while the sun is shining on your home.

Take a Cold Shower

Though it may feel uncomfortable at first, take a cold shower to lower your core body temperature and feel cooler.

Kill the Lights

Light bulbs give off heat, so keep them turned off as much as possible until your AC is back up and running.

Sleep Alone

We know you probably like cuddling with your partner, but forget that. Body heat from another person will only make you feel warmer, so sleep by yourself when you’re without AC.

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