What’s in My Cleaning Products?

When you purchase your cleaning products, we’re guessing you pick certain products over other based on their scent, price, and cleaning ability. But what you should really be concerned about is the product’s ingredients. Plenty of store-bought cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can have serious effects on your health. So you really need to start wondering — what’s in yours?


This chemical is usually found in polishing agents and glass cleaners. Exposing yourself to too much ammonia, especially by breathing it in, can lead to chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Instead of using products with ammonia, use vodka. As funny as it sounds, it doesn’t streak, and it leaves your services shiny.


Chlorine is found in many toilet bowl cleaners and laundry whiteners. Depending on how long you’re exposed to it, chlorine can cause respiratory irritation and potentially serious thyroid problems.

Instead of using products with chlorine, use vinegar and baking soda as a whitening agent.


These chemicals are typically found in fragrances used to make household items, such as soap, smell nice. Thing is, companies don’t have to say they use these and instead just use the word “fragrance.” Phthalates can have negative effects on men’s hormone levels and can cause skin irritation.

Instead of using fragrance products, use fragrance-free candles and avoid air fresheners. Instead, use essential oils to make your home smell nice.


This chemical is typically found in dishwashing soap and lotions labeled “antibacterial.” The main effect of this chemical is that it may disrupt your hormone system. Plus, it can also cause you to develop a resistance to antibodies that your body actually needs.

Instead of using products with triclosan, opt for detergents with short ingredients, and avoid using antibacterial products. If you can’t stay away from hand sanitizer, find ones without triclosan.

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