Copper vs. PEX Piping: Which Is Better?

If your home plumbing suffers a water leak or your pipework is way past its prime, you may find yourself looking into replacing your home’s piping. In that case, you’ll probably have chosen between the two major piping materials. So when it comes to copper vs. PEX piping, which is better for your home?



Longtime Standard

When it comes to copper piping, the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” fits perfectly. Copper has been used in the plumbing industry for decades, so you know it’s reliable.

Tough Against Bacteria

Because copper pipes create what is know as a biostatic atmosphere, they make it difficult for bacteria to grow inside them, giving your safer water.

Good for Outdoor Use

Copper pipes are resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, so they’re safe to use outside.

Cheaper Fittings

Compared to the fittings needed when using PEX piping, copper fittings are less expensive.


Overall Price

Copper itself has become more expensive over the years, making them more costly for homeowners to use in their piping.

Not Best in Cold Climates

Copper piping doesn’t always fare well in cold climates since they can freeze and burst.



Cheaper Cost

PEX piping typically costs a third of what copper piping does.


Since PEX piping is made of plastic, it doesn’t lose as much heat as copper (metal) pipes can.

Easy to Cut

PEX is good to use when you have to get around corners or turns since it’s easier to cut than copper.


Toxic Fumes

If PEX melts, the plastic can give off fumes that are harmful to your health.

Not Suitable Outdoors

Even though it can’t freeze like copper pipes, PEX is not recommended or suitable for outdoor use.

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