Window v. Central Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is nothing short of a necessity in Orland. The only decision you really have to make when it comes to having AC in your home is what kind of system to install. Each system has its pros and cons, but there’s one common debate when it comes to AC: window v. central. With some help from the experts, you can weigh your options and start thinking about which is best for your home.

Window v. Central Air Conditioning:

How They Work:

  • Central AC: This system involves an outdoor condenser, which uses pipes to run coolant through an air handler and ducts to deliver cool air to different areas of your home.
  • Window AC: All window ACs have all their parts in one unit, so they simply get placed in a window frame to cool a single room.

Which Is Cheaper:

  • Central AC: Central AC requires professional installation by an HVAC technician, as well as maintenance and potential air conditiong repairs. In the long run, this system is more expensive.
  • Window AC: Since you can install these on your own, window units are initially a cheaper option.

Which is More Efficient:

  • Central AC: Since they involve more moving parts, central air conditioners use more energy to begin with. However, they can cool every area of your home, making them more energy-efficient if you have a bigger space to cover.
  • Window AC: While these are smaller and more energy-efficient, if you’re using multiple units to cool different areas of your home, they end up using more energy than central air conditioning.

The better option in the window v. central air conditioning really depends on your home’s cooling needs. If you’re unsure which system is best for you, contact Ace Solves It All. No matter what type of air conditioner you choose, we will make sure that your home stays as cool as possible. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (407) 499-8006.

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