Why Is My Office So Cold?

We know Orlando summers can be brutal, which leads a lot of bosses to keep their office’s AC pretty cold. But while that blast of cold air is refreshing when employees first walk in the door, after about 10 minutes, it gets old. Even if the thermostat isn’t set too low, there are a few reasons why your office feels so cold.

Why Is My Office So Cold?

Simply put — false science. Industry standards state that a building’s temperature must be okay with 80% of the occupants. However, a lot of commercial cooling systems are designed using a formula created in the 1960s that is meant to serve men’s body types — specifically a 40-year-old, 155-pound man.

The Formula

The formula, called Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied, used to determine the best temperature for office spaces took into account a building’s humidity levels, the air’s movement in a building, and how much clothing occupants are wearing, among other things. Thing is, it barely took into account people’s body types, sex, or age. Women generally have lower metabolic rates (don’t produce as much body heat) as men, so the temperatures that they feel comfortable in differ.

Other Factors That Makes Offices Cold

Your Location

If you’re in an office that has central air, you may end up right by the vent and spend the entire day freezing. If that’s the case, you may want to start keeping sweaters at your desk.

Old Systems

Your office’s HVAC system works by detecting the temperature in the building and cycling on to change it. If your office is full of old light bulbs and electronics, all the heat they give off could mess with your HVAC system and cause it to cycle on more often and make your office even colder.

If you notice your employees are shivering and drinking hot beverages while it’s 95 degrees outside, you may want to consider making some changes to your cooling system.

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