Why Central Air is Your Best Cooling Option

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When it comes to cooling your home efficiently and affordably, there are a lot of different routes that you can take. However, in the intense Florida heat, we think there’s only one great option: central air. A central AC system offers a few things that other cooling systems just can’t compare to, such as:

Whole-Home Cooling

Perhaps the biggest benefit that central AC offers is the ability to cool your entire home using a single system. Your ductwork helps bring cool, treated air to essentially every room in your home while working with a single condenser system inside or outside your home.

With central AC, you don’t have to worry about having different individual units in each room to keep your home cool.

Programmable Settings

A central AC system allows you to use a programmable thermostat to set when you want your AC to run, for how long, and at what temperature. This means you can set your AC to only run while people are home at certain times. Other cooling systems only allow you to put your unit on “auto” run, which can result in it kicking on to cool a room that no one’s in.

Better Aesthetic

Central AC systems are relatively quiet and essentially unseen in your home, excluding a few vents either on your ceiling or lower walls, allowing them to fit any aesthetic you’ve created in your home. Other cooling units are very apparent and can be visually unappealing depending on where they sit in your home, not to mention loud when they run.

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