Weird, But Cool Bathroom Products You’ll Want to Buy Right Now

In the world of niche markets and online shopping, you’ve probably come across plenty of little knick-knacks that make you wonder “Who would even buy that?” Thing is, people are buying a lot of that stuff, especially when it serves small, yet cool purposes in their homes. These are our favorite picks for weird, but cool bathroom products that you’ll want to buy right now.

Mount Cat-More Shower Curtain

What’s better than showering behind the rock carving our Founder Fathers? Showering behind the feline versions of them! Talk about a statement piece the second someone walks into your bathroom!

Log Toilet Paper Cover

There’s nothing like starting the day off by fighting a tiny squirrel for a piece of toilet paper, right? Okay maybe not, but this toilet roll paper is hysterically adorable and sure to put you in a good mood every day.

Multiple-Colored Shower Head

Imagine getting ready before going out on the town Friday night and essentially having a disco in your shower? This shower head changes to seven different colors to give your shower an extra-fun vibe.

Game of Thrones Toilet Decal

This decal gives the phrase “porcelain throne” a totally new meaning. Show off your inner Khaleesi, and stick one of these bad boys above your toilet for a truly “Thrones” bathroom.

SipCaddy Drink Holder

Do you ever just want to relax in a bubble bath with some wine, but don’t want your glass to knock over? This little device holds your drink for you, so you get to chill out in peace. And it’s not limited to just wine glasses — it holds beers too!

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