Are Your Shower Habits Affecting Your Plumbing?

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When it comes to your bathroom, you probably would assume that there aren’t many ways you could do things wrong. But that’s where you’d be wrong! There are some shower habits you’re probably guilty of that are affecting your plumbing.

Are Your Shower Habits Affecting Your Plumbing?

You don’t clean your shower enough.

Every time you shower, your tub gets filled with bacteria and soap scum that sticks to the shower walls and floor. If you don’t clean your shower regularly, when you eventually do, you’ll be sending all that grime down the drain in one big clump.

You don’t use a hair trap.

If you’re letting every strand of hair that falls off your head flow down your shower drain, you’re setting yourself up to suffer from a big clog in your tub. Not only will that harm your plumbing, but removing the clog is going to be disgusting.

You ignore hard water.

If you ignore the white rings around your drain and shower fixtures, you’re ignoring hard water. The minerals in hard water can damage your pipes and plumbing fixtures over time, so it’s best to get a water softening system to avoid those problems.

You don’t turn the fan on when you shower.

While this may not affect your plumbing itself, but it definitely affects your bathroom. Without the fan on to get rid of extra moisture in the air, all that humidity will cling to your walls and allow mold or mildew to grow in your bathroom.

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