Why Does My Tap Water Taste Weird?

Being the environmentally conscious person you are, we’re sure you do your best to drink from reusable water bottles rather than plastic bottles every day. Well, how often have you poured water from your tap and made a disgusted face the second you took a sip because of how off it tastes?

If it’s more often than not, you may have started wondering why your tap water tastes weird and what you can do to fix it. Truth be told, a few thing things could be causing it.

If Your Water Tastes Like Bleach…

If your tap tastes like it’s spewing pool water, it may be because your water has too much chlorine in it. Municipal water supplies typically use small amounts of chlorine to make water safe from drinking, and although it’s not as much as a pool chlorine, sometimes, it really affects the taste of your tap.

If Your Water Tastes Like Metal…

There are usually two reasons your tap water tastes weird and metallic.

Your Pipes

Your iron, copper, or galvanized pipes can shed their inside lining to your water. In this case, your biggest concern should be lead from a material used in older pipes, so if your plumbing hasn’t been updated since the 1980s, you should have your pipes inspected for lead.


Some water supplies naturally have iron or copper in them, with some supplies having a higher concentration than other, causing the metallic taste.

If Your Water Tastes Like Dirt…

Water that comes from a well system can sometimes have a musty, dirt-like taste due to the natural presence of algae and bacteria in it. In most cases, these elements aren’t harmful to your health, but they don’t make for tasty water.

An easy way to rid your tap water of these weird tastes is to add a water filtration system or reverse osmosis system to your home! At Ace Solves It All, our Orlando plumbing experts have the experience necessary to accurately install, replace, repair, and continually maintain your whole-house water filter. Contact us today at (407) 499-8006—one call solves it all!

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