5 Ways You Can Prevent Electrocution

Ever since you were a kid, you were taught to keep the hairdryer away from the bathtub and to never put a fork in a toaster. And even though you’ve only gotten wiser with age, there are still a few ways you can mess with electricity that could put you in danger. Follow these safety tips and precautions to keep you safe:

1. Replace Frayed Wires.

Frayed wires can end up shocking you since the electricity they carry isn’t contained. For this same reason, frayed wires can also lead to an electrical fire. If you have any appliances with frayed wires, call an electrician to replace them.

2. Contact Your Utility Company.

Notice a downed wire? Don’t assume it is a phone or cable line. Contact with power lines is one of the main causes of electricity-related injuries or death, so steer clear of lines, and call your utility company to handle them.

3. Stay Inside During Storms.

Water is a huge conductor of electricity, so swimming outside during a lightning storm is incredibly dangerous. If you see lightning strike, just head inside until the storm is over.

4. Thoroughly Dry Your Hands.

Wet hands can increase your electric conductivity, allowing electricity to flow through your body more easily. To prevent harm to both you and your devices, like phones and appliances, always make sure to dry your hands first.

5. Turn Off Your Power Before Repairs.

We highly advise against attempting DIY electrical repairs. If you are making electrical repairs in your home, always start by going to your electrical panel and flipping your main circuit breakers off to cut the power supply before beginning any repairs.

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