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Orlando Thermostat Troubleshooting

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Regardless of the condition of your AC unit, it won't run well if you have recurrent problems with your thermostat. Many thermostat problems originate in the wiring and electrical connections; adjust these and you can often keep your existing thermostat. However, mechanical problems within the thermostat might lead to the need for a replacement.

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Common Thermostat Problems

Usually, we hear from customers who have tried to turn on the air conditioner with no response from the thermostat. If you see no display on your unit, you might have a loose connection.

Sometimes, the air conditioner will turn on, but you can't get the room to stay at the proper temperature. Most often, this problem arises from poor positioning of your thermostat. We usually recommend having thermostats installed on the innermost walls, away from all doors and windows. Doors and windows can cause drafts, which affect the reading of the thermostat.

Nearby vents can also cause problems with your thermostat's readings. If the thermostat is right under the air conditioning vent, the system may think the room is much colder than reality. Moving the thermostat can solve this problem effectively.

Time for an AC Thermostat Replacement?

Thermostats have an average life expectancy of at least 10 years. Though many problems can be repaired, an old thermostat may be on its last legs if you notice recurrent problems that just seem to be getting worse.

Signs you might need a new AC thermostat include:

  • AC unit won't turn off
  • The thermostat doesn't respond
  • Different temperature readings from room to room
  • The thermostat only lights up part of the time

    We recommend getting help from our certified thermostat technicians, rather than messing around with the wiring yourself. We can quickly address the problem and get your AC running reliably again. If we determine that it's time for a new thermostat, we can help you look for a replacement that best fits your needs and budget.

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