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Ace Solves It All - Packaged HVAC Units

Packaged HVAC Units in Orlando, FL

When most people think of a central air conditioner, or even a heat pump, they imagine a system with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, connected through power lines and refrigerant lines. This set-up, called a split-system, is the standard for many homes throughout Orlando, FL, as well as many businesses.

However, there is another configuration that’s become increasingly popular for many residences, and that is the packaged HVAC unit. Packaged units offer some specific benefits that may make it the right choice for you and your home.

Of course, just like with any other HVAC system, a packaged air conditioner or packaged heat pump does require professional installation and other services from licenses and certified technicians. HVAC services do not make a very good DIY project, nor are they a job to be left to an amateur. Rather, you should trust the professionals at Ace Solves It All to tend to all your packaged HVAC needs. One call solves it all.

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Is a Packaged Air Conditioner Right For Your Home?

You have many options when it comes to air conditioners. The conventional split system is referred to as such because it uses separate indoor and outdoor cabinets. The outdoor cabinet is comprised of the compressor, exhaust fan, and refrigerant coil. The indoor cabinet houses the blower, refrigerant coil, and ductwork connection.

A packaged unit, however, has everything contained inside a single outdoor cabinet, which connects to the building ventilation system with return and supply ducts. The heat release and absorption processes both occur in this single unit, and the conditioned air goes into the supply ducts of your home.

The Multiple Benefits of Packaged Units

Packaged air conditioners and packaged heat pumps are pretty much the standard for commercial buildings nowadays. However, both have become more popular among residences. To help you decide whether it truly is right for your home, we’ve listed some potential benefits:

  • Saves Space: This is typically the main reason many homeowners choose to invest in a packaged unit. If your interior space is limited, then a packaged AC system or heat pump installation can be the ideal solution.
  • Easy Repairs and Maintenance: If your packaged HVAC unit is due for maintenance, or even if it requires repair, your technician will be able to access your unit easily, as they’ll only be dealing with a single outdoor unit. This makes it more convenient to diagnose issues and fully inspect the system.
  • Quiet: Just like any other unit, your packaged unit will make noise when it’s running. However, since there is no blower fan located indoors, packaged HVAC units create less noise pollution indoors than a standard system.

Quality Packaged Heat Pump Services

Are you still unsure whether a packaged unit is the right installation for your home? No need to worry, we are standing by and ready to offer our professional assistance to help you make the best choice. Our NATE–certified technicians have over 2 decades of experience with helping residential customers throughout Orlando, FL and beyond find the best ways to deliver both effective and efficient indoor comfort.

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