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Ace Solves It All - Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation in Orlando, FL

The basic component of a solar energy system is the solar panel. Everyone is familiar with the site of these shiny panels on the roofs of homes and buildings, or placed in rows in solar farm, or on the top of carports. It’s these panels that harvest the radiant energy of the sun and then convert it into electricity for use in a home or other building.

If you are considering using solar energy to power part of your home—such as a solar water heater, solar air conditioner, or solar attic ventilation system—then the starting point of the installation is putting in the solar panels. You must have solar experts provide this service, and some of the best in the Orlando, FL area are at Ace Solves It All. You only need to give them a call to find out about the options available to you when it comes to going solar in central Florida.

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What Is a Solar Photovoltaic System?

Solar panels are solar photovoltaic, or solar PV, panels. These panels contain photovoltaic cells that create a current of electricity when sunlight strikes them, which is known as the photovoltaic effect. This energy isn’t at first usable by the electrical system in a home because it’s direct current (DC) electricity, and a household electrical system runs on alternating current (AC) electricity.

A special solar inverter changes the direct current to alternating current, then sends the current through your meter. You can then use the electricity in your home, such as powering a solar water heater or HVAC system, or the electrical power can be sent to the grid and sold to the utility company. This latter process is called "net metering": you run you meter backwards and store the unused solar energy with the utility company, taking back what you need later from the built up credit.

The Advantages of Solar PV Panels in Orlando

It’s a common misconception that solar panels are maintenance hassles, easily broken, and not energy efficient. But solar panels require only minor amounts of regular maintenance. Even keeping them clean is easy, because the rain takes care of that. Solar panels are also more energy efficient than ever: they work great in the sunny Florida weather, but can maintain efficiency during cloudy days as well.

Best of all, the panels will work for many years to come—much longer than many standard electrical systems inside a home. With the right solar panels in place, you’ll reduce your electrical bills significantly while helping the environment by preserving natural resources. After all, the sun’s power is both free and renewable!

The Importance of Professional Solar Panel Installation

Aside from the general risk of working on the roof of your house on your own, there are plenty of reasons why you only want solar energy professionals handling the work of putting in solar PV panels. These experts will determine how many panels you’ll need to meet your requirements, and then create a configuration that makes the best use of the sunlight.

They’ll put in the frame and then the panels and connect them through the inverter and your meter so that the system does just what it’s supposed to do. You can’t expect amateurs to be able to accomplish work this complex. Instead, call on the experience of the team at Ace Solves It All. We offer numerous solar energy services to Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

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