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Ace Solves It All - Solar Attic Ventilation

Solar Attic Ventilation in Orlando, FL

What is the hottest part of your house during a sunny day? If you answered, “the attic,” you’re right. But have you considered what a superheated attic means for the rest of your house? It’s easy to dismiss the high levels of heat in the top part of your home because it’s not a place you often spend time. But even with excellent attic insulation, the heat up there will reach other parts of your living space and raise the temperature.

Attic ventilation systems, which consist of special exhaust fans, can make a significant difference for your home comfort as well as your energy bills. An even better option is to have attic ventilation that operates from solar energy. Just take that actual source of heat on the roof and make it do the work! To find out more about solar attic ventilation and to arrange for service, call Ace Solves It All today. Since 1994, we’ve helped Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas with great energy-saving solutions.

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Why You Should You Install Attic Ventilation

Before even talking about the "solar" part, we’ll explain why attic ventilation in general is a great idea. On even a modestly warm day, the sun shining on the roof of a house creates radiant energy that raises the temperature of the attic much higher than the rest of the house. On a sunny summer day, the attic can have temperatures as high as 130°F!

Cooling down the attic will prevent this immense heat sink from seeping down into other parts of the house. Fans ventilate the heat to balance the indoor and outdoor temperature. This will mean an 8 to 10°F difference in the temperature of the rest of the house, often the difference in whether you need to run the AC or not. Proper attic ventilation means energy savings and better comfort.

How Does Solar Attic Ventilation Work?

Now we come to big benefits of going with solar attic fans. A small photovoltaic (PV) panel on the roof powers the fans in the attic, using no energy from the electrical grid but instead relying on the renewable (and free) power of the sun. The fans vents out the excess heat in the attic. It’s actually a simple installation—if you hire a skilled professional—and doesn’t require a huge amount of roof space for the electrical panel.

A solar attic fan also provides benefits during cooler weather. Moisture in your home rises and collects inside the attic, where it can do damage to roofing material because of wood rot and mildew. The attic fans remove this moisture to the outside.

We Install and Service Solar Attic Ventilation Systems in Orlando

Having solar attic ventilation installed for your home is a double win for your household energy efficiency: you lower how much you have to rely on the air conditioner, and you eliminate the need to use electrical power to run the attic fans by using an alternative, renewable energy source. Our solar contractors here at Ace Solves It All are glad to talk to you about your options for not only solar attic fans, but also many other types of solar energy systems. You can use solar attic ventilation as the starting point for making a larger conversion to solar. Contact us today for service in Orlando and throughout central Florida.

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