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Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Solar Services in Windermere, FL

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We are a local company committed to the health, well–being, and comfort of our neighbors. Ace Solves It All has technicians, plumbers, electricians and other specialists available to dispatch to your home in Windermere, FL 24 hours a day, if you need emergency service.

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Of course, you can also schedule service in advance for anything from a broken garbage disposal to electrical remodeling services. We can upgrade your service panel, fix your pipes, or install a new heat pump. We also install solar photovoltaic systems. Call us for all of your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and solar service needs. We’ll be there for you!

How Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps You

We recommend scheduling air conditioning maintenance once or twice a year. This professional service allows technicians to get a good look at your system and determine whether anything needs repair. We may even recommend duct cleaning or duct repair to make your AC run more efficiently—but only if this service will truly benefit your home. Also, our technicians can help to prevent AC repair. A thorough tune–up and cleaning makes everything run a little more smoothly, preventing the chances of a sudden system breakdown and often lowering energy bills.

Why Isn’t My Heat Pump Heating?

A heat pump is an effective and efficient whole–home heating system, especially if you live in Windermere, FL, where it never gets cold enough for a heat pump to struggle in the winter. So when you heat pump worked fine in the summer for cooling but is struggling to heat your home, you may be surprised. The solution might be simple. Double check the thermostat and see that it is in heating mode. Otherwise, technicians may need to replace or repair the reversing valve the switches the flow of refrigerant.

2 Common Plumbing and Drain Issues

Some of our most frequent calls are for garbage disposal issues and drain clogs. Oftentimes, the homeowner attempts to solve the problem first, which can make the situation worse. You can try to fix the garbage disposal by pressing the reset button underneath the sink or trying the circuit breaker. You should try to use a plunger for a drain clog, and never use harsh chemical cleaners that can damage pipes. Otherwise, call our plumbers to provide plumbing, drain, and sewer services, rather than potentially harming your drainpipe!

Sizing Water Heaters

Looking for a new water heater, but not sure of what size to get? Standard tank water heaters that are too big use more energy than they need too. If they are too small, you might not get enough hot water for your family’s morning routine. Consult our experts to get the right size for your home, or consider a tankless model. Tankless units don’t run out of hot water, though you may need multiple units for a larger household.

Water Treatment Services in Windermere, FL

Don’t miss out on getting clean water for your entire house. Call our experts today! Our whole–home water treatment services target the worst contaminants that enter your plumbing supply. A good water filtration system that is properly maintained can help to eliminate anything that makes your water smell or taste bad. And we also offer hard water solutions, so that your pipes, fixtures, and appliances are not affected by high mineral content. Call today to schedule water treatment services in Windermere, FL.

Electrical Specialists

Don’t go for any longer without scheduling electrical services. If you need a new service panel, if some of your lights have stopped working, or if you’re worried about the wiring in your home, it’s time to call our electricians. We offer electrical inspections to give you peace of mind about your wiring and your safety. We can upgrade your circuit breaker box, add outlets, update your lighting, and provide repairs. At Ace Solves It All, we really do it all. Call us for more information about our electrical service.

Should You Get Solar Panels?

There are many ways to save energy around the home and help the environment. Installing solar panels is one major step in doing your part. Solar PV panels use the energy from the sun to power all or some of your house’s appliances, reducing your energy bills or nearly eliminating costs altogether. The savings often offset the cost, but you may still be concerned about adding a whole solar photovoltaic system to your house. Instead, you may want to only add a solar water heater or a solar pool heater, and we can install these appliances. Call Ace Solves It All for more information about switching to solar in Windermere, FL.

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