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Ace Solves It All has been around since 1994, and we know just what you need to stay comfortable, have healthier air, drink clean water, and feel better about your energy usage. Our plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and solar service specialists have been in the business for a long time. They will carefully assess your home and make sure you have the right system or service to make things easier, while fitting your budget if possible.

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Call our team of specialists today. We’ll help you solve problems with your home in Poinciana, FL, and we will provide excellent customer service no matter the call!

Contact Air Conditioning Specialists

In a place like Poinciana, it’s so important to have contractors by your side who know just what to do when the air conditioning system breaks down. We are available for 24–hour emergency service so we can show up right when you need us. We also offer scheduled AC repair, and indoor air quality services like air duct cleaning and air duct repair. Make us your go–to source for air conditioning services in the area. You’ll be glad you did!

Home Heating Done Right

Even in Florida, you want your home to be nice and toasty for the cooler winter months. We install and service heating systems of different types. And we often recommend heat pumps to our customers in need of a new heating system. A heat pump is also an air conditioner, with all of the same parts as a traditional standard air conditioning system, but it has a few extra too. The system can move heat into and out of the home. Contact our team to learn more or to schedule service.

Should You Call in a Plumber?

If you wait too long to repair a water leak, you risk damage to your home. Smaller tasks like fixing a garbage disposal or a leak may seem like a task you can do on your own, but it’s faster, easier, and more convenient to call in a professional. And when you need drain and sewer services, you definitely don’t want to deal with a potential smell or even a health hazard if the job is done incorrectly. Call our experts instead! We have plumbers available 24 hours a day.

Schedule Water Heater Service in Poinciana, FL

Having hot water available when you need it is so important, so you cannot always wait when your water heater needs repairs. We offer emergency service when you need it, but we recommend scheduling service the minute you notice a problem. If you hear strange noises within the system or notice that temperatures seem to be dropping in your water supply, our technicians want to help prevent a major system breakdown and make things easier on you.

Need Water Treatment Services?

If your water has a funny taste to it or an odor call our team right away. We will find a water filtration system or purification method that works for your home and your budget. You may also want a water treatment system even if you don’t notice problems with your water supply. It’s the best way to ensure your family members are drinking only the cleanest water. You may also want a solution for hard water, and we offer that as well, so you can protect your plumbing system. Call us for more information!

Call for All Your Electrical Needs Too

Our electricians handle it all. We can even take care of the electrical work when you’re remodeling your home. If you need a new service panel (a circuit breaker box), let our electricians do the work. Changing the lighting outside of your home? Considering a backup generator? Just want an electrical inspection? We are your source for all of your electric needs. We can install or service all of your most important electrical system components—just give us a call!

Considering Solar?

It’s a great choice! Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in Poinciana, as homeowners learn that the lifetime savings and the benefits for the environment are worth the cost of installation. We install and replace solar photovoltaic panels. But if that’s more than what you need, we can get you some solar components, including solar water heaters, pool heaters, and attic ventilation. Talk to our specialists to learn more about your options and to schedule service with people you can trust local to the Poinciana, FL area.

Saved me from a total breakdown. Terrific job in a very timely manner. Thank you!

- K. Westmark, Sanford

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