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Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Solar Services in Celebration, FL

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To live in comfort and convenience in your home requires that you have an excellent plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system. To make caring for these different systems easier, rely on an experienced professional contractor capable of handling all three: Ace Solves It All.

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We started in business in 1994 and are still expanding as a full–service contractor for Celebration, FL. You can trust us for solar energy and water treatment services as well. Our technicians will arrive at your home in fully–stocked vans, allowing them to solve most problems on the first visit. We’re open 7 days a week and offer fast, same–day service, so call today.

Air Conditioning Services from the Experts

Are you looking for a fast AC repair that will get your cooling system back to work on a hot day? We’re only a phone call away at Ace Solves It All, and we provide same–day repair service. You can also rely on us when you want to have a new air conditioning system installed or replaced. Our HVAC technicians will see that you have the finest new unit. We also offer ventilation services, such as air duct cleaning and duct repair. Make us your first choice for air conditioning in Celebration, FL.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Heating Contractor

Heating a home in a place like Celebration, FL is difficult without creating energy waste. You don’t use your home heater as much as your AC, so it’s important that you have a unit that can deliver a sufficient level of heat without draining more power than it should. Call Ace Solves It All and we’ll help you find a heating system, such as one of the many models of heat pumps that will deliver the proper level of warmth your household needs during the short winters.

Quality Services from a Professional Plumber in Celebration, FL

Just because you have an expensive set of wrenches doesn’t mean you can tackle plumbing issues around your house on your own. When you’re facing a plumbing emergency, or a new plumbing installation, put away the tools and instead call Ace Solves It All. Our licensed and trained plumbers are ready to come to your house in Celebration, FL and have the job done, fast and right, no matter what kind of plumbing or drain/sewer services you need. We offer a 5–year warranty on all our plumbing work.

Comprehensive Services for Water Heaters

Come rain or shine, hot or cool days, there’s one appliance you’ll always need working in your house: the water heater. Ace Solves It All provides complete hot water heater services in Celebration, FL, including the installation of electric, gas, and high–efficiency tankless models. If you only need repairs or maintenance, we’ll see that you receive the finest work possible. Contact us if you want to know more about switching to an energy–efficient water heater, or to schedule any other water heater service.

Do You Need Water Treatment Services in Celebration, FL?

Hard water (water with high levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium) and chlorine are common troubles that plague water from the municipal system that enters homes. If you’re dealing with either issue, the best method to solve it is a call to Ace Solves It All to speak to our water treatment specialists. We install HALO and EasyWater systems that will provide your home with safe, soft, and healthy water. If you live in Celebration, FL, make us your #1 choice for great water quality.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Electrician

When you have an electrical job in your home that’s more complicated than changing a lightbulb, the first thing you should do is call up a licensed electricians. Only a professional is qualified to handle a residential electric system and see that it stays up to the local electrical code. And only a professional will be able to get the job done correctly and safely every time. We started out in electrical work more than 20 years ago, so when you need anything from rewiring to outlet upgrades in Celebration, FL, contact us.

Explore Your Options for Solar Energy Systems

Harnessing the power of the bright Florida sun is a great idea for people who want both to save on their utility bills and help out the environment. If you were concerned that going solar was out of your reach in Celebration, then you should call Ace Solves It All–because we’d love to prove you wrong!

We provide extensive solar energy system installations and other services, starting with solar panels. We also install solar attic fans for ventilation and solar water heaters and pool heaters. Let us help you go green with solar power.

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