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Ace Solves It All - Garbage Disposal Units

Garbage Disposal Units in Orlando, FL

Your garbage disposal is likely one of the most underappreciated devices in your home. It’s a great appliance—making it far easier to dispose of food waste and eliminating the need to continually dump food out into the trash can. It’s become so common that most homeowners take it for granted, but unfortunately kitchen garbage disposals are not invincible.

This system requires a good amount of professional care and attention if you want it to last as long as possible, and get the maximum return on investment for your sink disposal unit. At Ace Solves It All, we install and service kitchen garbage disposal systems throughout Orlando, FL. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers. One call solves it all!

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Increase the Lifespan of Your Garbage Disposal

As we stated above, garbage disposals are not indestructible, even though they may seems so sometimes! There are a number of things you can put down your sink drain for the disposal to handle that can actually shorten its lifespan. Most of the time, they are things you wouldn’t even think of. However, there are also ways to increase your garbage disposal’s lifespan, such as the tips we’ve shared below.

  • Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Drain: Your garbage disposal cannot handle anything and everything you may put into it. There are certain materials that can actually significantly decrease the life of the disposal, or at least make it more likely for parts of it to start failing. For example, fibrous foods such as celery can tangle the impeller in the disposal, making it far more likely for the motor to overheat and breakdown. Fat, oil, and grease (referred to as FOG) are often poured down sink drains still in liquid form, after being used during cooking. What many people don’t realize is that once FOG has cooled, it becomes a viscous substance that can cause clogs. The best thing you can do with materials like this is to throw it away once it has cooled.
  • Schedule Routine Maintenance: Garbage disposals are not used as excessively as water heaters or heating and cooling systems. Therefore, disposals don’t need the same type of annual inspections that these other appliances would need. However, every couple of years it’s a good idea to have a professional take a good look at your garbage disposal. This will help your plumber to identify and solve problems long before they can cause damage to the system.

We Install and Service Sink Disposal Units

It’s not easy to install a garbage disposal system. This is particularly true for an amateur handyman or a DIY enthusiast, neither of which probably have the experience nor training to successfully do this job. Since there is electrical work involved in disposal installation, it is not something you should attempt to do on your own.

If you need a sink disposal system installed in your home, then give our professional plumbers a call. In addition to expert installation, we also provide garbage disposal unit repair and maintenance services. When you run into an issue with your disposal system, our experts can help you out.

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